Does Your Snake Need to See a Vet After Losing a Tooth?

It isn't unusual for snakes to lose teeth. This sometimes happens when a snake is eating or even if it bites its owner. Luckily for the snake, it can grow a new tooth to replace the one it lost. This doesn't usually cause any problems. However, this isn't alwaysa straightforward process. There may be times when a snake needs medical attention after tooth loss. When should you see your vet?

How to Find the Right Veterinary Service for Your Pet

When you are responsible for the care of animals, then most of the time, you will be concerned about feeding them and making sure that they are comfortable and cared for properly. That's fine as long as they remain healthy, but what happens if they develop a health issue? You are probably not suitably qualified or experienced enough to treat them yourself, so it is essential that you have access to a veterinary service that is able to treat your pet properly.

How to Look After Your Parrots if You've Been Diagnosed With Psittacosis

If you've been feeling unwell for a while, then you'll have got to the stage where you visit your GP for advice. After running tests, your doctor asks if you keep or work with birds because they think you have an infection called psittacosis. You tell your GP that you keep parrots as pets, at which stage your doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics. They also tell you that your birds may need some help.