Does Your Snake Need to See a Vet After Losing a Tooth?

It isn't unusual for snakes to lose teeth. This sometimes happens when a snake is eating or even if it bites its owner. Luckily for the snake, it can grow a new tooth to replace the one it lost. This doesn't usually cause any problems.

However, this isn't alwaysa straightforward process. There may be times when a snake needs medical attention after tooth loss. When should you see your vet?

The Tooth Is Stuck

Generally, a snake will expel or swallow a tooth when it comes out. However, in some cases, a tooth can come loose but get stuck somewhere else in the mouth.

So, for example, if your snake loses a tooth when it is eating, then the tooth might become embedded in the lip rather than falling straight out. While this might sort itself out naturally, there is a risk that the lip might get infected. If the tooth doesn't come away on its own, you might need help from your vet if you don't want to deal with it yourself.

The Jaw Is Swollen

Most snake teeth fall out easily and without a problem. However, sometimes, the socket the tooth came out from gets bacteria in it.

This could lead to a painful infection. Your snake may also lose its appetite if its mouth hurts.

So, if you notice that your snake's jaw looks swollen or inflamed after it loses a tooth, or if it has any significant changes in its eating habits, then you should have the site checked out. If it has an infection, it needs treatment.

The Problem Keeps Happening

As you get to know your snake, you'll get used to its behaviour and habits. It may well lose a tooth here and there on a fairly regular basis, especially if it is a biter.

However, you should keep an eye on your pet if it starts to lose teeth more frequently or if it loses a lot at once. Sometimes, snakes lose teeth because they have an underlying problem or medical condition.

For example, if your snake has stomatitis, then its teeth may start to loosen and fall out. If it does have this condition, then you may see other symptoms like an oral discharge and redness in the mouth.

If you have any concerns about your snake's tooth loss, play it safe and talk to your vet. They can advise if you need to make an appointment to have your pet checked out. Contact an animal hospital that offers veterinary dentistry services to learn more.