How Much Alcohol Is Too Much for a Dog?

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is something that most people will deal with during their lifetime and perhaps on a fairly regular basis! It's like having a good time on credit. You might enjoy yourself now, but you will pay for it in the future—like the very next morning, courtesy of a hangover. Sure, it's possible to enjoy alcohol without drinking to excess, but there are some members of your family for whom any amount of alcohol is excessive. Dogs and alcohol simply don't mix.

It Can Happen Quite Easily

It's not as though you would deliberately give your dog alcohol, but it can still happen quite easily. An eager tongue might lap at an alcoholic beverage that has been spilled on the floor or even from a full glass on an easily accessible surface, like a coffee table. All it takes is for your back to be turned for a second, and before you know it, your fur baby has had their first drink. 

Metabolising Alcohol

Even a small amount of alcohol can be dangerous for a dog, particularly for puppies, senior dogs or dogs with a compromised immune system. Dogs simply lack the ability to metabolise alcohol, and while they can still exhibit the symptoms of intoxication (much like a human), they have ingested a toxic substance while can attack their overall circulatory and respiratory symptoms.

Signs Your Dog Has Consumed Alcohol

If you believe your dog has consumed alcohol, it can be wise to contact your local vet clinic for advice. A small amount of alcohol in the body of a healthy dog might not do much damage. While your dog will be uncomfortable for a short period of time, they will be fine without the need for further assistance. If your dog should become lethargic, disorientated, have trouble breathing, experience sudden diarrhea or begin to vomit, it can indicate an emergency situation, and your dog will require immediate veterinary care. Do not attempt to induce vomiting yourself as this will be of no benefit since the alcohol has already been absorbed into your dog's bloodstream. 

You might be able to enjoy a drink or two without any major consequences, but please remember that this is not the case with your pooch. Do everything you can to prevent your dog from being able to inadvertently consume alcohol, and please act promptly if your dog somehow manages to take a sneaky drink. For more information, visit a local vet clinic